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Raising Children with Food & Other Allergies in Singapore

Food Allergy in Singapore: opening a new chapter

Posted by Vicky on | August 6, 2014 | No Comments

A report published by the Singapore Medical Journal looks at the impact and statistics of food allergy in Singapore. Highly suggested read.

Abstract from a report by Alison Joanne Lee and Lynette Pei-Chi Shek

With the exception of shellfish, the overall food allergy rates in Singapore have not reached the epidemic proportions of the West. The rates of egg, milk and fish allergies remain low. However, the patterns of some food allergies in Singapore have changed over the last decade. For example, peanut allergy, once rare in Singapore, is now the most common cause of anaphylaxis in children. Studies analysing lifestyle practices, particularly with respect to prevention of food allergy, are necessary in order for practitioners to understand global differences and maintain this low prevalence.

Please click on the link for the full report

~ Vicky


UK Cadburys available in Singapore : Allergy labeling

Posted by Vicky on | August 6, 2014 | No Comments

valueChocolate from Cadbury which is produced in the UK was really hard to come by in Singapore – unless it was seasonal stock, such as Christmas and Easter. Not any more!

There are a chain of shops across Singapore called Valu$ which have a constant and affordable  supply!

The allergy labeling on Cadbury UK products is excellent, as is the taste.


Value $ Shop
23 Serangoon Central
04-11 NEX Shopping Centre
Blk 292 Yishun St. 22
#01-265 Singapore 760292
500 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
#B1-33 Singapore 310500
Great prices on toiletries too and household good too!

Minuscule Valley of Lost Ants : Sneezywheezy Review

Posted by Vicky on | August 6, 2014 | No Comments

MinArguably the best animation I have taken the children to see this year. We all loved it. What is really refreshing about this film, is there are no words! No vocab based dialogue. “Conversation” is communicated via sound and music, and it beautifully done.

The film mixes videography with animation to produce a thoroughly engaging and enchanting film. It’s a great old fashioned tale, simple yet brilliantly executed. You will never look at picnic waste the same.


~ Vicky


Currently showing at the cinema



Easy sunflower butter recipe – Peanut Free

Posted by Vicky on | April 28, 2014 | No Comments





Since peanuts and their traces, are banned in my household – this means that the sticky mouth gluing childhood joy and American lunchbox staple, peanut butter is also banned.

My daughter misses this spreadable snack, so while we have tried the mortgage inducing peanut free alternative spreads, my wanting to nurture my bank balance and not fret about availability (there is usually a free-nut butter drought) has driven me to make my own – and I am so pleased that I did, it is yummy!

No cooking skill is required, just a little time. After a few trail and errors here it is!

What you need:

Martin Marvelous : Cookies now available

Posted by Vicky on | February 17, 2014 | No Comments


Martin’s Marvelous latest offerings, delicious cookies, are now available to buy in Singapore. They are wheat free and nut free cookies.

All too often Allergy Aware cookies and Allergy Aware foods in general can often have unpleasant mouth feel. The texture can be like wet cement, bitty and certainly unpleasant. These cookies however are different! They are… marvelous.

Made with a certified Gluten Free oat flour, these cookies completely by pass the issues that can arrive from GF flour Read more

Tip tips for buying an EpiPen : Good Pharmaceutical

Posted by Vicky on | February 17, 2014 | No Comments

Top tips for buying Epipens, from the EpiPen distributors for Singapore Good Pharmaceutical:
  1. Consider where you live, work and play and how many pens you need to make sure you are always covered.
  2. Make sure the pens have a reasonable shelf life. They should come with a be minimum 12 months. Read more

The New Paper : Anaphylaxis in schools

Posted by Vicky on | February 17, 2014 | No Comments

You read it here first! One mother’s fight for change that will allow  local Singaporean schools to administer EpiPens in an emergency situation.

The New Paper has picked up the story that we ran in 2012 on anaphylaxis in the local schooling system in Singapore:

The Today Newspaper

Read the original story that ran on

~ Vicky




Decadent chocolate avocado pudding

Posted by Vicky on | January 2, 2014 | No Comments

avo 1



This is a chocolate pudding/mousse recipe with a difference. No eggs, no dairy. The main ingredient is in fact avocado. The avocado turns this into a very rich chocolate pudding, it also has a great mouth feel.

I have tried the recipe from


4 ripe avocados
1/4 cup light coconut milk
4 tablespoons unsweetened dark cocoa powder
3 tablespoons honey Read more

Nestle might not be perfect – but their food labeling can be!

Posted by Vicky on | November 23, 2013 | No Comments


Sometimes it really is the small things in life that can bring such happiness… even something as simple as a food labels.

I am a compulsive label reader, as all parents of food allergic children are – especially if your child has anaphylactic allergies. I spend hours pouring over food labels to ensure that every product brought into our home is safe and suitable for my son. Ingredient lists are checked, allergen information taken note of, and I always look out for the all important “may contain” statement. It is a little routine that I know have down to a tee. It helps to safegaurd my son, so it is not something I will ever stop doing.

I was, rather embarrassingly, ecstatic when I saw Toffee Crisp biscuits on sale here – being an expat it reminded me of home. As is often the case when I find regular “non allergy” products from home, happiness usually quickly turns to frustration, as more often that not the “may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts” or “contains peanuts and/or tree nuts” appears on the product’s label.

Not this time though! Proudly proclaimed on the label of both Toffee Crisp and Breakaway biscuits is the statement “free from nuts and eggs”. The writing is clear, easy to see and the statement is as direct and brief as it needs to be. It is a simple, uncomplicated Read more

Asthma Allergy Association event : Public Forum

Posted by Vicky on | November 23, 2013 | No Comments

The Asthma Allergy Association of Singapore is holding an event on the 7th December from 13:00 – 17:oo. Cost is $10 per family, and free of charge to AAA members.

It is covering many areas of allergies, food allergies, environmental allergies, eczema and asthma. The event offers practical advise and essential information for parents and families.

There will be talks by leading allergy experts, as well as hands on training for EpiPen use courtesy of Good Pharma.

Does your child have anaphylactic allergies?

Does everyone who looks after them know how to use an EpiPen? Ensure your child is safe and protected, by having those who are close to them EpiPen trained. If you have a family member, helper or family friend who Read more

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